I believe in not settling for a lesser story than you were created for, and for striving to live an intentional life worth telling well.  and in believing that, I think everyone should get to experience what it feels like to creatively & intentionally tell a visual part of their life's story.  I love being able to create a FUN + intentional space in front of my lens where you can feel the freedom to confidently express a part of what makes you - YOU.  and then, I love seeing that confident expression + story have a profound effect in the world around you and for generations to come.

this is where creative intention & story

a midwest-born suburban girl living among the cacti in the arizona desert pursuing a creative, intentional + inspired life.

I've been photographing + blogging + creating in this corner of the internet (formerly kreatid) since june of 2008.  I'm thankful to have been featured in many publications & have had the pleasure of teaching senior portraiture styled sessions at the showit united conference the past two years.

hi. I'm jen.

about jen
my man

it's simple...without him,I am not me.
he has been my best friend for almost thirty years and will continue to be for the next thirty+.
today, tomorrow, always.

my man

people say they love their kids, but I really mean it.
as in really.
I could not be a bigger fan of who these two are and
if the only job I could have was getting to be their mom, I'd be the happiest mom.

 & #maddiejessie


my kids

I got my first ever-in-my-whole-life puppy last year.
he's a silver labrador retriever.  and I love him.
a ridiculous amount of love that I never imagined possible for an animal. :)


my dog
diet coke

here is what I'll say to those of you who sneer at this favorite of mine:
we're all going to die of something.
100% chance of it, in fact.
I will just be happier and more well-preserved than the rest of you sneerers.
and to those who share this burns so good. ;)



I truly believe I was made BY + FOR my Creator God. and I also believe I was made to create and photograph visual stories for the purpose of encouraging those around me. visual stories of people but ALSO visual stories of His Creation. I'll never get tired of seeing and photographing what He's made.



I started playing when I was eight and I'm fortunate to be able to still play on a regular basis. it's so second nature to me now that I now literally feel like a part of my soul comes alive in getting to play and make music on the piano.

MUSIC // playing the piano


does my chocolate obsession really need an explanation?
it's chocolate.
but I WILL say that no nuts can be in it .
that's just gross and defiles good chocolate.
oh, and milk chocolate definitely wins over dark.



there are few things that inspire me personally + creatively more than exploring new-to-me places. it's like my senses become heightened when I travel and my visual ADD goes into overdrive.
details + nuances that are mundane to those living there are visually exciting for me.



any soon-to-be-graduate of the class of 2021 who:
dreams | aims | aspires | does
someone who looks to be present.  someone who loves & looks to serve others.  someone who dreams big.
someone who is up for adventure.  someone who aspires to live their life's story to the fullest.

I'm looking for

a modeling crew who aim to live lives
out loud on purpose

noun - /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/ /ˈsēkər/

sound like you?

now accepting applications
for 2021 graduates

$250 to $800
only available on select dates

family sessions

$350 to $1200

graduate sessions

$2600 to $5400
available for travel

weddings + love stories

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