stories worth telling well

your life is made up of a collection of memories + stories that I love getting to photograph. these photographs weave visual imagery into Your great life's story that is so worth telling well.

visual storyteller

I'm the one behind the lens most likely with a smile on my face +  a laugh closely followed behind.

I'm based out of phoenix, arizona and I specialize in photographing  graduates + love stories.

i love getting to photograph memories + visual life stories.  the emotional, vibrant, unique, fun, detailed, in-between memorable moments that weave imagery into our great + beautiful life's story.

hi. I'm jen.

about jen
my man

it's simple...without him,I am not me.
he has been my best friend for almost thirty years and will continue to be for the next, tomorrow, always.

my man

people say they love their kids, I really mean it. as in really.
I could not be a bigger fan of who these two are and if the only job I could have was getting to be their mom, I'd be the happiest mom.

#theboywhobringsmejoy +


diet coke

here is what I'll say to those of you who sneer at this favorite of mine:
we're all going to die of something - 100% chance of it, in fact.
I will just be happier and more well-preserved than the rest of you sneerers.   and to those who share this burns so good. ;)

diet coke

I truly believe I was made BY + FOR my Creator God. and I also believe I was made to create and photograph visual stories for the purpose of encouraging those around me. visual stories of people but ALSO visual stories of His Creation.  I'll never get tired of seeing and photographing what He's made.


making music

more specifically playing the piano.  I started playing when I was eight and I'm fortunate to be able to still play on a regular basis. it's so second nature to me now and part of my soul comes alive in getting to express myself through music.


does my chocolate obsession really need an explanation?
it's chocolate.
enough said. :)



there are few things that inspire me personally + creatively more than exploring new-to-me places.   it's like my senses become heightened when I travel and my visual ADD goes into overdrive. details + nuances that are mundane to those living there are visually exciting for me.



jen's thoughts on 

visual storytelling

i love photographing  all things related to your life story. and visual storytelling is just that - telling a part of your story using portraiture. my portraits reflect the love, emotion, happiness, and the real-life-in-between moments that make up the nuances of your life's story. i photograph your story the way it was meant to be told - and i see beauty + importance even in the tiniest of details and moments.

in regards to your love story, CHOOSING A PHOTOGRAPHER TO DOCUMENT YOUR Life STORY IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU CAN MAKE TO PRESERVING THE MEMORIES THAT SURROUND YOUR Love STORY for generations to come. what i do to visually tell your love story is one of the only things that will stand the test of time. long after your wedding dress is dry cleaned and boxed up, well past after the last flower from your bouquet fades, after each any every guest you've invited to be a part of your special day has moved on, even one hundred years from now, the portraits and stories that i photograph will be your window back to your treasured memories and crazy-in-love love stories.

I can't wait to visually tell a piece of your lfee story.  let's get to telling it. :)

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$250 to $800
only available on select dates

family sessions

$350 to $1200


$2600 to $5400
available for travel

weddings + love stories

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collection ranges


contact jen for collection specifics + details


it's your turn

your portrait experience

i say experience, because that's what it should experience. and a fun one at that. :)  

donning matching white shirts, gritting your teeth, tightening your shoulders and sneering the word cheese are not a part of a portrait expereince with me.

your portrait experience should be an experience that shows off the real you and I work hard to create a comfortable ENVIRONMENT to draw out your unique personalities + real emotion.  those types of portraits are the portraits that I have on my wall in my home.  the authentic giggles between my son and husband and I having a moment genuinely looking at each other and remembering why we like each other. portraits of my extended family interacting with each other photographed almost as if without knowledge of the camera even being there.

real, authentic, genuine, fun, artistic...
that is what I'm looking to photograph during your portrait experience.

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client love

jen can make anyone feel like the most photogenic person in the world. she has such an eye for the most amazing shots and somehow captures the quickest moments like a little smirk or that .05 second moment that all the kids are smiling at one time!

jordan + kaitlyn

client love

jen!!! you are amazing. I am literally dancing around anthony in pure joy!  oh my gosh, I just can't... anthony and I can't believe that is us in the portraits and yet we can - they are SO us!  you're amazing and we can't thank you enough for the experience!

anthony + kaitlyn

client love

jen!  I'm blown away.  a good photographer will catch the scenes, they'll give you the taste and one can only hope that it's enough to bring back the whole flavor. a great photographer, though, captures the feeling, they give you the whole entire experience back to you; not the hint, not the suggestion, but the whole day, saturated and moving.  thank you for being so beautifully great!

ben + bethany

client love

I am in awe!  I am not sure how you did this, but you captured so many moments, so many emotions, so many things that I never ever saw, and didn't even know had happened - and yet, you were somehow able to immortalize them and preserve these treasured memories forever!  thank you!

trevor + nadia

what they're saying


let's get to photographing a part of your story

phone // 480.518.2224

email //

residing in // phoenix, az + available for travel

Thank you!

jen will be in contact with you soon!

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