if you’ve met me, it’s not really a big secret that people (in general) light me up… when I take those personality tests (if you haven’t taken one, I highly recommend them…it’s good insight to how you tick) I always end up getting ENFP…which for part of that personality…it means I’m curious, enthusiastic and friendly… […]

love stories

May 18, 2016

phoenix engagement | anthony + heather

I’m smiling for a couple reasons right now, one, because in typing their title for their blog post, I didn’t know what to put. 😉 I typically categorize my sessions into categories: seniors, weddings, engagements + families. seniors + weddings didn’t fit obviously 😉 and they’re not engaged even though they’re the right age for […]

love stories

October 20, 2015

gilbert couple | jon + katie

there are two things I especially like in getting to photograph engagement sessions… 1. the awkward first five minutes. 😉 let me explain that one for a sec, you know the scene when anna meets hans for the first time in the disney movie frozen? the line she mutters “…this is awkward, I mean you’re […]

love stories

October 17, 2015

flagstaff engagement | jake + lexi

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