I’m a ffa mom.it’s so weird to say that, but I’m proud that I am that.I’ve spent my whole life living in suburbia.concrete grids with cute shoes to walk them have always typically been my choice of road save for a few planned adventures that involve the outdoors.but maddie. 🙂my maddie saw a different road […]


April 15, 2019

FFA mom

this past winter camp I couldn’t do much in the prep for camp because I tore my rotator cuff in early january. I was watching the guys load and do what they do every summer camp and winter camp when I had the thought that most of you don’t know what they do. most of […]


February 12, 2019

we grew up together.

my friend and brother-in-christ, tom shrader, went home to Jesus january 13th, 2019. I’ve been listening to two songs on repeat these past few days:my name is on his heart,and remembrance.my husband lightly teased me of listening to emotional music but I countered with reminding him that they both make me dwell on thoughts of […]

inspired by, journal

January 16, 2019


this past week while vacationing at my in-laws deep in the woods of new england, I found myself:reading exorbitant amounts of books,hiking in their woods that really is just their backyard,eating ridiculous amounts of delicious foods my mother in law is so good at making,and then closing out the night with a family movie because the […]


December 31, 2018

good bye 2018 / hello 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids and the group of kids that surround them.  some in the pictures I’ve taken for this post, some not. 🙂 if your kids pick winners to hang out with, it’s hard not to love and “adopt” them as your own.  after the eleven, I had to smile […]


September 30, 2018

be strong.

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