currently I am on round three of antibiotics/ear drops for two ear infections, a throat infection + sinus infections. I’ve said this before, but sometimes I think God uses sickness to slow me down to a complete stop because I just struggle so bad with slowing down. OR maybe it’s just my stubbornness and refusal […]


September 10, 2019


I love you, joey + sam.this day will go down as one of my favorites. 🙂and I’m not sorry your first look is sixty+ first looks, I couldn’t narrow it down…again, not sorry + I love you both! <3 photography | jen driesbachvenue | the landmark, mesaflorals | zu zu’s petalsbride’s dress | wedding belle’sbride’s […]


August 5, 2019

the landmark mesa wedding | joey + sam | first look

my first memories of this beautiful bride were of her drawing me a picture for my desk where I worked with her dad. I can clearly remember her freckles, her bluest eyes I’d ever seen with a huge smile that stretched easily across her face and that was contagious. fifteen years later, all that I […]


June 24, 2019

phoenix desert wedding | josh + kenzie | first look

do you ever go through hard seasons?  maybe that’s even too much of a churchy thing to ask – to ask about “seasons”…but church aside, I’ve always looked at life in seasons.  I think describing life in seasons helps me balance the hard knowing that in a short time or “season” (because seasons don’t last […]


May 4, 2019


I’m a ffa’s so weird to say that, but I’m proud that I am that.I’ve spent my whole life living in suburbia.concrete grids with cute shoes to walk them have always typically been my choice of road save for a few planned adventures that involve the outdoors.but maddie. 🙂my maddie saw a different road […]


April 15, 2019

FFA mom

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