the word that seems to be echoing in my head after getting to spend time with this beautiful girl is the word means to withstand and “come back” after being bent or stretched from difficult situations.and this beautiful woman has been on a journey in life and has done and is doing just that.I […]


November 22, 2019

mckenna | gilbert christian graduate

two things about the portrait up there ^^^:*bryn.I’ve been listening to woman by mumford & sons because she showed it to me a few weeks ago.  she called it her “hype” song.that simple statement of hers still makes me smile.there is and never will be another bryn.she is effervescent. (yep, it’s a word, look it […]


November 14, 2019

bryn | arete prep graduate

diana.I have never heard or met a diana I didn’t like or admire…diana prince a.k.a. wonder woman,diana princess of wales,the goddess diana of greek mythology,diana barry of anne of green gables,diana ross…I’m literally sitting here thinking and I honestly cannot think of a diana that isn’t awesome.*enter today’s diana*a diana most definitely worth only […]


November 12, 2019

diana | valley christian high school graduate

I stink at first looks.not as in the images I post, I just cannot for the life of me narrow them down. wedding days are just too full with too much story for me to properly narrow it I declare that I’m not apologizing for too many images in a first look from here […]


November 11, 2019

stonebridge manor wedding | zach + mya

I hesitated writing this post.mostly because I know her and I know she doesn’t position herself to be in the spotlight – she’d rather shine it on someone else.but this is my platform to talk about what I see from behind my lens…so for a hot second I’m going to take the opportunity because I’m […]

everything else

November 6, 2019

body balance health coach | susanne

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