diana.I have never heard or met a diana I didn’t like or admire…diana prince a.k.a. wonder woman,diana princess of wales,the goddess diana of greek mythology,diana barry of anne of green gables,diana ross…I’m literally sitting here thinking and I honestly cannot think of a diana that isn’t awesome.*enter today’s diana*a diana most definitely worth admiring.to only […]


November 12, 2019

diana | valley christian high school graduate

I stink at first looks.not as in the images I post, I just cannot for the life of me narrow them down. wedding days are just too full with too much story for me to properly narrow it down.so I declare that I’m not apologizing for too many images in a first look from here […]


November 11, 2019

stonebridge manor wedding | zach + mya | first look

I hesitated writing this post.mostly because I know her and I know she doesn’t position herself to be in the spotlight – she’d rather shine it on someone else.but this is my platform to talk about what I see from behind my lens…so for a hot second I’m going to take the opportunity because I’m […]

everything else

November 6, 2019

body balance health coach | susanne

what do I want you as my client to walk away from a session with me?seems like it’d be a question to ask yourself from time to time if you call your occupation photography. 🙂the most obvious would be that you walk away with beautiful quality portraits.but not to sound arrogant, but that’s way too […]


October 30, 2019

savannah | valley christian high school graduate

artistic.funny.quick to laugh.disciplined and athletic.full of integrity.enough.and I loved getting to spend time with her.especially in beautiful sedona – it suited her perfectly. the oranges, mustards + greens right before the season changes…it’s warm and inviting – so very much like her.and as an added bonus – she added a mini family session to her […]


October 29, 2019

chloe | hamilton high school graduate

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