my heart is so tremendously full.yesterday she got married.such a simple sentence full of so much laughing, heart-felt tears, michael scott on the big screen of church, family dancing, toasts telling of full life, reminiscing and just full of so much happiness.this day will go down as one of my favorites with her.and who is […]


September 22, 2019

riverside wedding | austin + amber

currently I am on round three of antibiotics/ear drops for two ear infections, a throat infection + sinus infections. I’ve said this before, but sometimes I think God uses sickness to slow me down to a complete stop because I just struggle so bad with slowing down. OR maybe it’s just my stubbornness and refusal […]


September 10, 2019


I love you, joey + sam.this day will go down as one of my favorites. 🙂and I’m not sorry your first look is sixty+ first looks, I couldn’t narrow it down…again, not sorry + I love you both! <3 photography | jen driesbachvenue | the landmark, mesaflorals | zu zu’s petalsbride’s dress | wedding belle’sbride’s […]


August 5, 2019

the landmark mesa wedding | joey + sam | first look

my first memories of this beautiful bride were of her drawing me a picture for my desk where I worked with her dad. I can clearly remember her freckles, her bluest eyes I’d ever seen with a huge smile that stretched easily across her face and that was contagious. fifteen years later, all that I […]


June 24, 2019

phoenix desert wedding | josh + kenzie | first look

do you ever go through hard seasons?  maybe that’s even too much of a churchy thing to ask – to ask about “seasons”…but church aside, I’ve always looked at life in seasons.  I think describing life in seasons helps me balance the hard knowing that in a short time or “season” (because seasons don’t last […]


May 4, 2019


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