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welcome to my fishbowl. :)

ever feel like the fish in a fishbowl?
I do.  all the time.
somedays its a good thing, some days not.
but I think that that is just life.
everyone is in a fish bowl.
and if you choose to read my blog…I’m welcoming you to my fishbowl. 🙂

I was reading another wedding photographer’s blog about what the focus of her blog is about and I like what she wrote:
i am so very glad you’re here. my name is jamie delaine & here’s my disclaimer:
this isn’t a business blog.
in truth, i don’t have a business blog. after four years of blogging, i realized a “personal” blog is the only blog i know how to write. i am awedding photographer [and boy, i love what i do] — so, naturally this is the place i blog weddings from jamie delaine photography
but i can’t promise that’s all you’ll read here. 
i am a follower of jesus.
every day, i desire to delight myself in the Lord & watch as He blesses me with [and changes] the desires of my heart.
i want to live my life with joy.
i have an insatiable longing to write [and oddly enough, share openly] about my journey of mistakes & triumphs.
so this is my heart in a collection of writing & photographs.
thank you for staying. excited to write for you.
thanks for stickin’ with me. [or maybe more accurately, thanks for leaving… because if you don’t want to stay, that’s okay too. that’s a sure sign of a powerful brand: either you’ll be attracted or repelled.]”

so this is me in my fishbowl.
inviting you to join me in my fishbowl on “my journey of mistakes & triumphs” & thoughts.



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