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valley christian high school senior | chloe

I’m always trying my best to create portraits that are as beautiful + unique + colorful + memorable as the people’s heart I am photographing.
and if I’m being honest, you know what?
I don’t always succeed.
and I think most photographers don’t always succeed.
but it’s those moments and single frames, much like a blind squirrel finding that nut, that I come close to every great once and a while that keeps me always looking for and anticipating and chasing after.
I think that every photographer that is in search of creating great portraits tries for that illusive tap into the heart of their subject…
the inner beauty stuff…the real you stuff.
the stuff we photographers try to achieve in depicting in a single portrait but most times find it hard to show in one frame.
which is why I love this session.
there is 100% NO.FREAKING.WAY you could take one portrait of this beauty and call it done.
call it finished at capturing every facet of her personality in one single frame.
just. nope.
she is the very reason people describe beauty and personality like this and equate it to a shooting star…cause that’s what she is.
a rare, beautiful, sparkling, full-of-life/energy/fun/joy, beautiful, thoughtful shooting star woman that you feel lucky to have even gotten to see and love up close and in person.
clo?  you are a treasure to me…and I am so thankful to know you and watch you be you!  love you!



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