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sonoran desert family portraits | dallas + emily

high school senior portraits.
squad portraits. (oh yes, that chicken dance will live for eternity. 😉 )
family portraits.
engagement portraits.
wedding portraits.
…and now, family/maternity portraits. 🙂

getting to photograph these two beautiful friends in their many milestones has been nothing short of a joy for me.
and now to see them on the edge of meeting their son and to photograph this season…it literally is just amazingly special to get to watch and photograph.

and even more, emily makes this season look exceptionally beautiful…I think she does every season – but there’s something about her in this season.
I honestly don’t think it’s just her outward beauty that makes her so beautiful,
I think it’s her ready-ness to enter into this next season that sets her apart in my mind.
and she’s not ignorant of the hard that is soon coming her way…no, nursing gives her an awesome look into what’s coming tangibly.
and I think she’s fully aware of the sleepless nights, the feeding, the soothing, the disciplining, the loving hard, emotionally hard that comes in raising a son.
no, she has her head wrapped around all that as much as you can before experiencing it first hand and ready.
and I think that’s what makes her exceptionally beautiful in getting to photograph her this last time.
I genuinely admire her.
I was not as ready for the season that she is entering in when it was my turn…and I am legitimately excited to see her excel at this next season.
(and dal, sorry for neglecting you dal but you’re a stud…that goes without saying…and ollie is going to have THE funnest/most-hard-working/loves his mommy daddy around!) 😉
but you only get one go at this life…the older I get, the more in living color that is.
and making the most of each season is critical to enjoying it fully without regrets.
I love you, dal + emily…and love that you live each season so well and I simply can’t wait to meet your sweet boy! 🙂



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