desert vista high school senior | rachel

growing up, you make a lot of friends…
shy friends,
out-going friends,
president of student council friends,
the rebellious friends,
the pretty-pretty friends,
the sporty friends,
the over-achieving friends,
the sit-behind-the-bleachers-friends,
the friend that becomes a soul friend,
and then there’s the friend who can walk into a room and
almost-instantaneously become the heart-beat of a party,
by their laugh,
by the way they are excited to see everyone at the party,
by the uninhibited happy way they dance to the music like no one is there,
by the smiles that flow freely.

THIS girl reminds me of that life-of-the-party girl.
from the moment I met her…nothing but smiles and getting to talk with her about life through her intermittent laughing and just being “her” with her family + boyfriend…I knew this girl was a rockstar.

rachel…you. are. a. joy. to have gotten to meet and photograph for an afternoon!
I can’t wait to hear awesome things about ASU! 🙂

p.s. MONICA! you are amazing at making this girl shine even more than she does by herself!
I’m so glad I got to work with you for the afternoon! just beautiful work! 🙂



and just because they were too cute and I like young love… 🙂




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