desert vista high school senior | kirsten

it’s not a secret that I like unique people.
they fascinate me.
and the cool thing is that most people have a facet or two that are completely unique to just them that are kept on the downlow.
typically at every senior session, I like to ask my clients what lights them up?
this girls answer surprised me.
yes, she’s a gorgeous and a most interesting person to look at, modeling agencies are in agreement over that, 😉
yes, she’s incredibly smart…looking at ivy league schools and weighing her options,
she is easy to talk to and has a sarcastic wit that would be fun to hang around… 🙂
but it’s the creative side to her that kinda blew me away about this girl…
comic books, japanese animation, and cosplay were things that she and her and her friends get into.
I like that. 🙂
never judge a book by it’s cover or see people as only skin deep…you’ll limit what the person is really…
and I’m not lying when I say that there is beauty in everything…
I think that there is unbelievable creative uniqueness and beauty found in cosplay.
do you have any idea of what goes into creating costumes/hair styles/make-up artistry for some of these peoples characters they play?!
it’s a crazy amount of dedication to completely transform yourself from the everyday to a character that would simply be fun to look like for a day.
yep, I loved getting to spend the afternoon with you, kirsten…the world could use a little more uniqueness like this you. 🙂






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