perry high school senior | kayla

wind chimes.
sea breeze.
pine tree’s whispering.
tornado’s (that don’t hurt anyone)
monsoon’s. (that are just rolling in in the distance…)
summer breeze’s when you’re standing in the middle of a field.
rain that comes in sideways while you’re watching from the porch…
ALL of these things are favorite’s of mine…
and ALL of them have to do with the wind.

THIS girl’s session was a favorite of mine simply because
of the unrelenting wind that kept up the duration of her session.
some photographer’s might think it’s a bad thing…
me?  nope. 🙂
I LOVE the wind during a session…
wind has the ability to pick up a single tress of hair and
wisp it around a girls cheekbone in a way that is nothing short of pure art.
wind makes rockstar hair.  yup, look it up…it’s a thing. 😉
and this girl?
this girl ROCKED the wind during her session and laughed as she let me just create with the wind…
yup, it was a freeing session for me to be told “nope, just do what you do…I love what you do.” photographically.

you are beautiful…thank you for the afternoon and I can’t wait to hear how UofA is! 🙂




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