jen driesbach

I feel like I’m overdue in explaining a little more about the why of my recent brand change.
change has always has been challenging for me and I’m sure I’m not doing this brand change thing 100% “right”…
but I’m trying. 🙂
also, in all honesty, this change has been about three honest years in the making…
what can I say, I move slow. 😉

my reasoning for the brand overhaul is two-fold:
one of my first business decisions back in 2007 in starting this business was to name my business.
I was super into ebonics at the time and had the novel thought that since my business was going to revolve
around creativity and created products I felt super clever in coming to the super amazing business decision
to name my business kreatid.
I say super amazing mostly tongue-in-cheek because one, it’s hard to spell.
*side thought trail…which happens a lot.*
here’s a little business 101 tip, don’t make your business name hard to spell…
no matter how much you think it makes sense. 😉
and two, it’s hard to say.
over the years, I have gotten pronunciations like:
“kree-ah-tide…isn’t that a bug?”
“creh-aye-tid…is that French/Italian/?!!!”
“oooh, I get it…kree-ay-tid…but honestly I thought you were a dude – your logo is so masculine looking?”
*insert face into palm*
again, to reiterate…don’t get extra creative in naming your business…it rarely goes well. 🙂

my second reason for this massive branding overhaul is a little more deep, or at least I think so.
part of my reason for naming my business kreatid in the beginning was because I knew in my soul
that I was made to create BY+for my Creator.
that desire and life drive has grown this past decade…so much to the point where I would say even more specifically
I was made to create and photograph visual stories for the purpose of encouraging those around me.
I really believe that all of my life…my words, my creativity, my thoughts, my relationships – my life is all for Jesus.
my life was bought at a crazy incredible price and I now find joy at trying to honor Him with every facet of my life.
so that life thought led me to wonder at why I would call what I do anything other than myself.
digging a little deeper into that thought and if I’m being reallllly honest,
I never thought I’d make it ten years as a business owner.
and calling my business something other than my name made sense if I was going to fail at some point…
it’s easier to walk away from anything other than yourself…petty, I know – but it’s true.
so these past three years, the growing thoughts that if I wasn’t going to hide behind fear of failure,
and if I was going to clearly say/live all of life is all for Jesus,
then it was time to be me.
just me…jen driesbach.
yeah, it’s a name that is still kinda hard to spell
(but if you say it like an old German woman who spits and rolls her R’s it’s kinda fun to say – “drrrrrrrAYES-back) 😉
but it’s mine. 🙂

all this to say,
hi.  I’m jen.
welcome to my small corner of the internet. 🙂



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  1. Emily

    July 18th, 2017 at 7:45 am

    Love this post… your thoughts… and German accents! I have been blessed to watch YOU, your business and your brand grow over the years… I have been moved and inspired by your images, thoughts and storytelling. I seriously can’t wait to read about what God has done in you and witb you ten more years from now.

  2. jen

    July 18th, 2017 at 8:20 am

    you have been nothing but a source of encouragement to me over the years…I am thankful for it and you! ♡

  3. Lisa Bumpass

    July 18th, 2017 at 8:08 am

    I love IT! And You! But no matter what you call your business…I’m always going to be a client! See you 2026 for my daughter’s graduation pictures ❤

  4. jen

    July 18th, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Ha! Well then I can’t wait until 2026!!! 🙂 thank you for always being so encouraging!!!