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two things I want to say today:

when you’re old – sometimes you forget about the magic because your person becomes so familiar.
let me encourage you to remember.
remember slow dancing to that song just because you had to…you couldn’t not.
remember sneaking kisses just because you couldn’t wait to feel his lips on your again…
remember staying up all night talking and never getting bored and losing track of time.
remember not keeping a tally of this/that and that you just loved whole-heartedly without keeping score.
and for those who aren’t there yet…hold out for magic.
it’s worth it, I promise.

and the second thing I want to say is thank you.
thank you to sammie who encourages me to dream with an actual date attached.
thank you to soph who see’s and admires art and presses + reminds me to create just because.
thank you to bess who is ridiculously talented and whose work is a dream to see/smell/touch/experience/photograph.
thank you to mad who is more my friend these days than daughter and who weaves hair so beautifully and intricately and who encourages from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.
thank you to jack who rode eight hours (with his girlfriend so how bad was it really) in a car full of girls doing homework.

and especially thank you to my man who rents cars for me, fills them with gas, and makes sure I have everything practically so I can dream and create freely
and then welcomes me home taking the time to listen to me and encourage me…
I can’t believe I still have magic with him after all these years,
he is my magic.



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