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gilbert arizona wedding | patrick + lynne


ahhhhh, this most beautiful + special gilbert arizona wedding. 🙂
there is just something extra special about getting to witness and then even more, to photograph friends committing to love and care for one another for the rest of their lives.
I have many memories of patrick but the one I go back to over and over again is of him is from my beginning of getting to know him.  I remember him sitting the front row of the chapel – week after week, just him because he was hungry for the teaching and worship and community our church had to offer.  matt and I would go home and were blown away by his visible dedication and enthusiasm…it was massively encouraging.
and lynne…ah, this girl.  I love three things most about lynne,
one, she is a light and joy to everyone and anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.  her smile literally brightens any room she enters and her genuine care for others is evident in every converstaion she has with others – verbal or not. (I love to watch her sign…she is a dancer and the way she communicates with movement and signing is beautiful to watch, it’s like water flwoing through a person.)
two, she is a good friend to my daughter.  my kids have lots of grown up friends from being in our church…it’s a by-product of being in student ministries since they were born.
the thing I love about lynne is that she not only loves my daughter when it’s convenient for her, but also takes the time every few months or so to meet with her one on one in a coffee shop or somewhere fun.  it’s hard not to love those who see investing in your kids as worthwhile.
and finally three, watching lynne love patrick is incredible to watch.  her eyes soften when he’s speaking.  her smile comes easy and often when he is around.  she speaks highly of him and he in return.  their love for each other is beautiful to watch.  and even more so to photograph. 😉

one last thing I’ll say about this day, the attention to detail and the people who surrounded pat + lynne were so incredibly well done and so special to watch unfold.
from the start of the day where aunts and grandmas and friends bustled around the house getting last minute things ready for lynne,
to watching my daughter weave and twist lynne’s hair as they happily chatted about lynne’s day,
to the guys goofiness and KILLER weird faces (I’m looking at you conner + pat…just wow.) 😉 that relaxed any nerves patrick might have during portraits,
to the girls who surrounded lynne all day long and who were just so filled with excitement for their friend,
to pat + lynne’s dads who were there hours before anyone arrived making sure the signage was ready and just so,
to lynne’s old small group leader beautifully crafting florals together that fit lynne’s personality perfectly,
to patrick’s grandfathers swing band serenading the couple,
to even more family and friends hand making cakes and pies giving dessert just that much more of a special family touch…

it just really was an incredibly sweet and special day that I’m so thankful to have gotten to have a front row seat to.
congratulations, patrick + lynne – SO much love to the both of you!

photography | jen driesbach
drone photography | mason alexander films
ceremony location | redemption church
portrait location | whitfill nursery
wedding coordination | julie keeling + mary ann little
florals | mary lessig
cake | quirky cakes
pies | family + friends
hair stylist | maddie jessie
brides dress | BHLDN
grooms attire | kenneth cole reaction
swing band | swing memories
macrame | moss hound designs
printed material + signage | ctree design
tattoos | cookillu




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