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I literally just *sighed* as I typed this girls name…
how do I describe this girl to you?…
well…if you pieced together a few songs that remind me of her you might get a sliver of who she is in my eyes:
this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one + this one
prolly a couple others too…but I was cracking myself up a bit at my seemingly random selections 😉
I can already hear her in my head, “uh, jen…you’re weird.” don’t care. 🙂
lol…yup, that’s how multifaceted/complicated/simple of a girl this is in my eyes.
and I love her for it.
I really, really do.

tidbit (yup, it’s still a funny word.) about me, I believe you cross path’s with people for a reason.
the reasons can be entirely different for each person…
but a reason none-the-less.
I’ve decided that there a couple reasons God has seen fit to have this girl cross path’s with me…

I’ll share just two reasons with you for this post:

1. for me to see firsthand that what you see isn’t always what you get.
if you passed this girl on the street, you would think “cool…gorgeous blonde.”
but she is oh, so much more than that…
and I think she’s even realizing that more and more as she continues to experience what life has to offer.
she’s incredibly smart…probably too smart for her own good. 🙂
she’s a seriously hard worker…and is more-than-likely going to thrive on it.
she cares tremendously about the people she chooses to love.
she doesn’t forget things easily…that may sound funny, but to me – it’s a ying/yang quality…
it’s ying because she remembers happiness and can describe it in detail…
it’s yang because she can tell you the details of the scars on her heart…
but what I don’t think she realizes yet that this quality is one that can/will give her strength some day.

2. there isn’t always a clear black and white answer to everything…and that’s okay.
some things will be black and white no matter how you choose to want to say they are something else.
Jesus, the color of the sky, what I had for lunch 😉
all those are going to have clear-cut black and white answers…
but matter’s of the heart and things that are bigger than us aren’t always going to come with a black and white answer…
and you know what?
that’s okay.
life’s about figuring out the black and white…and if it even matter’s to have to label all the things black or white…

yup, I love this girl…for many more than those two reasons, 🙂
and I’m so thankful my path got to cross with hers for this while…
I’m a better me because of her. 🙂




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  1. Lisa Hool

    May 8th, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Sniff, sniff. Thank you Jen for the time you’ve invested in my daughter and for all the years of loving her unconditionally.