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guy sessions are fun for me.
for a couple reasons:

1. 95% of the time the guy is getting his session done because his mom wants him to.
being a mom myself, I totally get it that looking like a guy in a magazine isn’t every guys fantasy…according to the guys I talk to, their greatest desire at their session is to simply not look like an idiot.
(on the rare case that I do meet a theatrical guy, that can sometimes be the complete opposite, but that is another post for another day.) 😉
why does knowing this make it fun for me?
well, it just does.
as a mom, I want to give their mother’s pictures that they can have forever that bring a tear to their eye because their little boy is all grown up.
on the other hand, I don’t want them to look like an idiot either. 🙂
I think guys facial features are interesting photographically, their collar bones are different…how they carry themselves is different typically due to muscular build.
If I can take that 95% indifferent guy and make him look at himself and
say “eh, I look pretty all right.”🙂
then I consider that a success and it’s fun for me to take on the challenge. 🙂

and 2. because guy sessions aren’t girl sessions.
ironic since 80% of my clients are high school girls.
don’t get me wrong…there is NOTHING more than I enjoy photographing than
a high school girl – the colors, the fashion, the beauty, the drama…but guys?
I come at them a little differently than the next.
I always tell my guy clients that I want nothing more than for a guy to look like a manly guy.
I already told you that visually their facial features and build are interesting to me photographically…
and finding a location that compliments their personality is something I enjoy doing.
there is never going to be a time in this guys life where the freedom to be themselves is at an all time high…they don’t have mortgage payments, no kids, no bills to pay…nothing but a wide-open future that gives most of the guys I shoot a little bit of a confident swagger.

and this guy?
laid-back, incredibly musical (seriously, being serenaded by a ukelele? doesn’t get any better.), crazy blue eyes and a volleyball stud…and oh yeah, part of that 95% making his mom happy…which in my book, is a percentage worth being a part of…loving your mom will always be a manly thing to do at 18.

thanks for hanging with me for the afternoon, connor! 🙂




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