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in most “best of” posts I don’t think you typically start off by talking about recently watching the Devil Wears Prada. but I am because I was struck with something and it related to todays post. I know, I know…really?  the Devil Wears Prada?! yes. it’s the “don’t be ridiculous, everyone wants this…everybody wants to […]

celebrating graduating high school is a funny thing in my mind… on one hand you’re closing out twelve years of school – it’s to be expected. but on the other hand you’re freaking closing out twelve years of school…twelve years of hard work.  twelve years of investing in your education as a means to better […]

ooosh, it’s been a long time coming getting back into the blog seat again. 🙂 I have so many thoughts piled up I’ve even had to list them to begin to sort through them… not a bad problem to have, I think. 🙂 I’ll start with a few of my thoughts on community. that has […]

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do you adventure? me too. follow along @jendriesbach