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I like to tell stories of my childhood/teenage years growing up… mostly because I either have THE most rose-colored glasses when I look back at those years OR it really was a most incredible time to grow up. *hand squeezed lemonade at the local ice cream shop we all worked at on the fourth of july […]

why do I blog about the people I spend time with who choose to stand in front of my lens? I could just post the photographs and call it a day. but in a world that is full of mindless scrolls, of 180 characters or less, blogging allows me to slow down and to talk […]

their were four of us kids growing up in our house on elm street just outside of chicago. my older sister kate, me, my younger sister betsy + my younger brother josh. I don’t remember everything about growing up, but I do remember a lot… looking back, I feel like maybe we were some of […]

do you have people in your life that you esteem maybe just a little higher than others? that you hold in high regard? someone who, in your mind, leans a little more on the perfect side of life? I’ve found that this happens a little in church life. I think it’s normal (or at least […]

when I look at these two sisters, I have to smile…they remind me of me and my sisters when we were younger… life is alive for these two…and meant to be had by those who would take it… these two laugh easily and at too many inside jokes that make you feel like you’re on […]

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do you adventure? me too. follow along @jendriesbach