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hair | madison jessie florals | zuzu’s petals dress | stylestalker shoes | tom’s accessories | vintage + tilly’s makeup | me two things I want to say today: magic. when you’re old – sometimes you forget about the magic because your person becomes so familiar. let me encourage you to remember. remember slow dancing […]

it’s not a secret to any of you who regularly read my ramblings that I have had a secret desire for, well, ever… to be a dancer. (I totally just unattractively snickered to myself in declaring that…again.) 😉 but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s just not in my DNA to ever chase […]

if you’ve met me, it’s not really a big secret that people (in general) light me up… when I take those personality tests (if you haven’t taken one, I highly recommend them…it’s good insight to how you tick) I always end up getting ENFP…which for part of that personality…it means I’m curious, enthusiastic and friendly… […]

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