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my last journal post was july 17th, 2017. dassss’ a long time. šŸ™‚ I guess I kinda figured I’d come back when I had the time, but I’m realizing that there is never enough time and you have to make time for the things that are valuable to you. and writing out thoughts and stories […]


August 1, 2018

storytelling + vacation

I feel like I’m overdueĀ in explaining a little more about the why of my recent brand change. change has always has beenĀ challengingĀ for me and I’m sure I’m not doing this brand change thing 100% “right”… but I’m trying. šŸ™‚ also, in all honesty, this change has been about three honest years in the making… what […]


July 17, 2017

jen driesbach

39 things its taken me 39 years to learn. today is my 39th birthday. I have extra lines on my face these days…but most of them are from laughing so I don’t mind. I truly never thought I’d see 39… I don’t think I’m being morbid, I just really never imagined myself this late in […]


September 26, 2016

39 things it took me 39 years to learn

trying not to forget them at this age when I know my mind will someday… and trying to push myself to shoot for me the way I want only for me… no cheese…just observing + photographing them being them. her at thirteen who loves to dance in the rain, who still likes to hold my […]


April 12, 2016


I should start this post by prefacing that this is a totally personal post into me, me as me, me as a business woman, just me… if you’d like to just see beautiful senior work – wait to check out the blog until tomorrow…I’ll have gorgeous girls to show you then! šŸ˜‰ okay, now that […]


March 10, 2016

because I love it.