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I feel like I’m overdue in explaining a little more about the why of my recent brand change. change has always has been challenging for me and I’m sure I’m not doing this brand change thing 100% “right”… but I’m trying. 🙂 also, in all honesty, this change has been about three honest years in the making… what […]

39 things its taken me 39 years to learn. today is my 39th birthday. I have extra lines on my face these days…but most of them are from laughing so I don’t mind. I truly never thought I’d see 39… I don’t think I’m being morbid, I just really never imagined myself this late in […]

trying not to forget them at this age when I know my mind will someday… and trying to push myself to shoot for me the way I want only for me… no cheese…just observing + photographing them being them. her at thirteen who loves to dance in the rain, who still likes to hold my […]

I should start this post by prefacing that this is a totally personal post into me, me as me, me as a business woman, just me… if you’d like to just see beautiful senior work – wait to check out the blog until tomorrow…I’ll have gorgeous girls to show you then! 😉 okay, now that […]

I got to go away up north this weekend with about three hundred students + staff from my church. and my conclusion to this weekend is that God is good. those three words are so terribly small for how I feel at the moment… and I’m finding it difficult to describe my heart. I think […]

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