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I’ve hung onto not blogging this senior session for I think as long as humanly my demented mind, if I don’t blog this senior session then time stops, right?I’m ridiculous.the reason I don’t want to post this senior session is because I love the beautiful woman in the post today.getting to pour over her […]


October 31, 2018

josie | benedictine university graduate

I cannot WAIT to show you more from zach + mya’s sedona engagement session!  mya – you legitimately shine from the inside out and zach…well done, my friend.  so so well done. 😉  you two were a joy to spend the afternoon with and I’ll be posting more soon! 🙂

love stories

October 17, 2018

sedona engagement | zach + mya | first look

I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids and the group of kids that surround them.  some in the pictures I’ve taken for this post, some not. 🙂 if your kids pick winners to hang out with, it’s hard not to love and “adopt” them as your own.  after the eleven, I had to smile […]


September 30, 2018

be strong.

I took a time out this morning to sit awhile in memory lane.I’m struck with a few things…and because I like to imagine my kids reading my journal some day, I’ll share a few things things I’ve learned along the way.  but before I do, I have to take note of this picture that was […]


September 14, 2018

twenty years.

I’ll SO be posting waaaaaaaay more soon, but wanted to get these few up from josie’s graduate session!  I’m so proud of my niece graduating with a graphic design degree from benedictine university this winter!


September 10, 2018

benedictine university graduate | josie | first look

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