I could not be more happier for this friend. she radiated on her day. yep, radiated…and no, I do not use that word lightly or in excess…she absolutely radiated joy. her mega-watt inclusive smile was easily matched by his and it was so fun to get to photograph. I’ve know her since she was in […]

hair | madison jessie florals | zuzu’s petals dress | stylestalker shoes | tom’s accessories | vintage + tilly’s makeup | me two things I want to say today: magic. when you’re old – sometimes you forget about the magic because your person becomes so familiar. let me encourage you to remember. remember slow dancing […]

I like to tell stories of my childhood/teenage years growing up… mostly because I either have THE most rose-colored glasses when I look back at those years OR it really was a most incredible time to grow up. *hand squeezed lemonade at the local ice cream shop we all worked at on the fourth of july […]