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arete prep high school senior | alexa

celebrating graduating high school is a funny thing in my mind…
on one hand you’re closing out twelve years of school – it’s to be expected.
but on the other hand you’re freaking closing out twelve years of school…twelve years of hard work.  twelve years of investing in your education as a means to better your future.  and you hope you do better your future.  but what does it really mean to better your future?
does it mean full-ride to a four year university?  maybe.
does it mean landing that internship because of all those extra-curricular’s you signed up for those past twelve years?  maybe.
does it mean scoring a spot on that team because of all those extra hours on the field?  maybe.
if you’re asking me, and I fully admit to simplifying most everything in life…but hey, it’s my blog and you’re reading it 😉
to me bettering your future looks different to each person and comes in a lot of shapes and sizes,
but at the heart of it, you better your future.
cliché thought, maybe.  but I’m telling you it’s true.
your attitude, your drive, your work ethic’s, your communication skills, your convictions…
all of those better your future.
no piece of paper, no athletic award, no bragging rights internship is single handedly going to better your future,
you better your future.
kind-of a mom-like blog post, but honestly it’s true.
the older I get and the more people I come across, the more I see that that truth rings true.
I have many adults who I come across who are constantly looking to the next thing as the thing that is going to better their future…
the next promotion, the next car, the next house, the next marathon…shoot, even the next spouse…
and the not-so-secret thing is, the next thing isn’t going to be it…you’re it.
be a person of value…that comes from within and isn’t based on circumstances.
be a person of conviction…the world is loud and will seek to sway – what are you convicted about?
be a person who is the first to show up and the last to leave…hard work trumps talent when talent doesn’t show up.
speak your convictions, don’t shout.
be respectful of others no matter their vocation or economic class…we learn this in kindergarten and yet somehow manage to forget by eighteen.
so there you go, my two cents on graduation and what it means to better your future. 🙂

but what about the beautiful girl in this post?
she is obviously stunningly beautiful – with the most brilliant blue eyes I’ve seen apart from my own son’s.
she laughs easily and often and is a lot of fun to be around and to adventure with.
she is spoken of highly by the people she puts herself around and is well-loved.
she is incredibly intelligent – that school she goes to is crazy awesome and she works hard to keep pace if not a little more.
she comes from good people…I might be biased with the whole “midwest is best” thing but I honestly think that that rings true…especially with these people, it’s just true.
everyone I mention her mom to has nothing but incredible things to say about her…and I would have to agree. 🙂  she even checked up on me while I was feeling sick…who does that?
the girl in this post is athletic and driven and has the quads to back it up. 😉
she has the ability to better her future, and you know what?  I think she will.
thank you for the afternoon, alexa…you are a gem and I can’t wait to hear about your next chapter in life!



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