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agritopia wedding | paul + erin

I have a playlist on spotify called relaxing.
honestly, it’s made up of really chill love songs…but it’s the playlist that I usually listen to right before I’m about to photograph a wedding.
call me a hopeless romantic, but hey – it kinda goes with the job, no? 🙂
the last song I listened to before showing up to paul and erin’s sweet agritopia wedding was a classic…
bruce springsteen’s ‘secret garden’…it’s just good stuff. 🙂
and somehow fit perfectly with this couple…there’s a line in the song:

“…she’ll lead you down a path…
there’ll be tenderness in the air…she’ll look at you and smile.”

and as they were surrounded by only their family and closest friends…twenty four people total in attendance right in the heart of agritopia in their beautiful biblical gardens,
erin made her way down the long winding pathway through the gardens to paul,
that line from the song came to my mind as she turned the corner and her eyes connected with paul and she began to beam…and he in return.
it was a most beautiful moment to photograph.
so many happy congratulations to you, paul + erin – thank you for having me!

photography | jen driesbach
venue | agritopia weddings
reception | final assembly
florals | everybody loves flowers
catering | fire and brimstone



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